Things that Attract the Rich and Famous to a Home

House key with a house keychainIs it time to move out of your house in Ladera Ranch, California? Then you are in luck as it can command a very high price. On the average, stately mansions in one of the most affluent areas of the state can be worth $990,000 in the market – not too shabby.

On the downside, it limits the kinds of potential buyers, and they are the rich ones or those who also like to enjoy the many benefits of living in affluence, like an improved economy, security, and good education.

To sell your home fast, you should know what your prospects – a.k.a. The wealthy ones – look for in a home.


The rich choose homes based on lifestyle and experience. With the latter, it simply means the homes themselves become conversation pieces. Besides decorating the houses with objects that are unique yet thematic, you can also work professionals when working out the details.

Tile installers in Ladera Ranch CA can recommend high-quality gorgeous tiles, sourced overseas such as Italy, allowing major parts of your home like the floors to stand out. Flooring, Kitchen & Bath Design recommends the use of different shapes and colors to mix and match with the rest of your home.

Top-Dollar Bells and Whistles

The rich and famous do not mind spending millions on amenities they consider exclusive to their property or their neighborhood, such as a concierge, smart home systems, wine cellars, and well-equipped gym rooms.


There is something about being wealthy that makes the rich yearn for more privacy, and you can give it to them by installing automated security gates, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors. A sprawling open yard or growth of trees in between the road and the home also improve the privacy.

The market for luxury homes are upbeat even in Ladera Ranch for the last few years, but you can remove your property from the listing much sooner when you wise up and give what your target market wants.

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