The Power of Labels in Wine Marketing

Line of wine glasses being poured with exquisite wineIt does not matter if you are a wine enthusiast or you only buy a bottle for special occasions. Everyone looks at the label when shopping for wine. This is to learn about the brand or see if it is what they are looking for.

You cannot underestimate the power of wine labels in New Zealand or anywhere around the globe. You most likely chose that bottle of wine because of its interesting and attractive label. The thing is, the secret is beyond the graphics.

The Eye-Pleasing Tactics

According to branding experts, a well-thought-out label can make buyers assume that it is more costly than it really is. It can enhance the potential buyers’ delight in the wine. They think that they are getting a great deal from the value just by seeing gold stamping, gold foils and embossed labels. The makers will even take it up a notch by adding 3D effects to give the label a tactile feel or rich texture.

The Subconscious Judgements

Experts likewise say that most people generally connect uncluttered, minimalist designs with refined flavours and high-end vintage wines. These customers know that expensive labels usually have a white or cream background and a simple logo with bits of metal or gold.

Those who do not frequent wine stores want the bottle to pop out of the shelf. They prefer labels that are louder and more colourful, so the makers add a splash of gold foil to display its quality.

Everything you see in the bottle, from that classy stripe and the tiny piece of metal at the cap to the subtle sparkles and fancy prints, were carefully planned. Wine label makers know when to target wine beginners or connoisseurs, and you can see it in the difference in their labelling techniques.

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