No, They’re Not Lazy: Top 3 Reasons Behind Employee Absenteeism

two stressed employees talkingWhen an employee frequently goes absent, a series of productivity issues occurs. It stunts the work that’s supposed to be done. It requires someone to fill in for that employee’s work, doubling their tasks. More importantly, it affects the relationship between your team members.

It’s important to break the habit of absenteeism immediately and it starts by knowing what exactly causes it. It’s not just laziness that keeps them from going to work. Forte Commercial Cleaning outlines some of the top reasons employees go absent frequently.


While employees could get sick anytime, it may also be your office that’s making them ill. The sick building syndrome is real and your employees aren’t immune to this. High amounts of dust, as well as the presence of mold and chemicals in carpeting and upholstered furniture, can trigger a range of health problems. These include mild throat irritation, runny nose, fever, and chills.

That is why you need regular office cleaning services. Professional cleaners have specialized equipment that would keep your workstations tidy; therefore, improving indoor air quality.

Low Morale

Sometimes, it’s not the physical health that keeps employees from going to work. It’s their emotional health. Employees are less motivated to go to work if they’re not happy with what they do. The problem with low morale is its infectious. It affects everyone in the team and often before employers could get a grip on what’s happening, people are already handing in their resignation letters.

The best bosses are those who can stop low morale on its tracks and continuously make an effort to keep the positive atmosphere in the workplace. Boost employee morale by starting to acknowledge your team’s efforts more often.


When employees get bullied or harassed, their self-confidence drops, affecting their productivity. They will either report it to you or try to avoid confrontation with the bullies; therefore, avoiding work and going absent. It’s important to have policies in place to address such issues. You would need to define what counts as bullying or harassment and which disciplinary actions apply.

Absenteeism greatly affects your bottom line. Don’t let it ruin what you’ve been working hard for. Address these problems immediately to keep your business up and running.

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