Laser Cutting: Speed, Precision, and Affordability

laser cuttingA laser machine directs a beam of intense light at a precise focal length onto a material for cutting or engraving. Depending on the laser machine, it can cut its way through materials such as wood, acrylic, ceramic, marble, rubber, steel, cloth, glass, leather, and paper. Specifically, a C02 laser cutter is generally used for its speed, precision, and affordability.

Here are 3 reasons to invest in a laser machine:


Laser cutters can produce parts in seconds to a few minutes. When compared to traditional cutting methods, laser cutters almost always offer a quicker end product. Being quicker means that production is higher when using them compared to their traditional counterparts.


A laser cutter can cut in plates, sheets, or even box sections. More so, such cutters can cut and engrave complex shapes as drawn via 2D or even 3D designs. Further, there is no direct contact between the laser machine and the material being cut. For this reason, there is less contamination of the material. Traditional engraving depends on the skill of the artist to produce precise levels of engraving. Laser cutting provides an almost perfect engraving to the material. Precise cutting can lead to logos becoming easier to read and remember. If the product is popular, it could lead to more sales in the future.


During high production, blades in traditional cutting may need to be replaced frequently. Since a laser beam will not wear out, there is no need for blades or other marking tools, which has the potential to cut your costs significantly. The combination of cutting costs and producing a higher number of materials should lead to higher profits.

A combination of these three factors may just be what your business needs. In the world of precision engineering, details matter. These very details may just be what your customers are looking for.

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