Is Your Website Not Converting? Check Your Content

Making a Layout for a WebsiteWhile businesses may need to have a website, it’s often not enough. What’s even more important is its ability to convert. The problem is many people don’t end up reading your content. The question is, “Why?”

Why You’re Not Getting the Conversion You Need

According to marketing experts, for a content to be effective, it needs to have a conversion rate of 5% or more. The truth is it depends on your marketing objectives. Either way, if you’re not hitting your goals, then it’s time to focus on your content.

One of the reasons people are not reading is their short attention span. On average, a person spends only 15 seconds on a webpage. That’s not all. About 55% of Internet users browse a page at even less than that period.

As a marketer, the challenge is to make sure you can capture their attention within 15 seconds or less. This way, they will stay longer and even read your content from start to finish.

An effective marketing strategy to achieve that is to work with a design studio in Sydney that specialises in infographics and other graphics.

Why Infographics are Effective

Infographics are indeed a powerful online marketing tool. According to surveys, more than 73% of marketers use visuals for social media advertising. Over 83% of those who used them said that they’re effective. There are at least two reasons for its potency:

For one, being visual is an intrinsic quality. About 90% of the information the brain processes is visual. Graphic images, for example, can also activate over 50% of the brain. In other words, a person is able to understand data faster with visuals than with text. However, other studies have shown that visuals can also improve retention. In fact, 40% of the people respond to images and videos better.

Second, infographics can bring the attention of the users to what they’re looking for, which is condensed information. There’s no need to look for a specific content in a block of text.

If your website is not bringing the numbers, it’s not yet time to quit. Rather, focus on your content. Perhaps it only requires a visual revamp.

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