How to Make Your Event Unforgettable

People having karaoke nightYou don’t have to spend lots of money to make your event memorable. While everyone will admire expensive décor, they probably won’t talk about it a few days after your event. This is why you should focus on things that count. The best part is that most of them come at a fraction of the cost.

Nothing beats excellent catering when it comes to creating a memorable event in Iowa City. Never underestimate the power of good food since it can make your event the talk of the town for the months to come. What else must you do to make your event unforgettable?

Wow Factor

Create an ambience that makes your guests feel like they are in an exclusive, high-end party. You can quickly achieve this look by choosing the right combination of lighting, décor, and music. Don’t forget to include an eye-catching centerpiece that will amaze your guests. Your venue should be picturesque so that your guests can take memorable photos for their social media pages.

Personal Greetings

Welcome your guests warmly when they arrive and make them feel comfortable at the event. Try to socialize with them throughout the event on a personal level. As they leave, bid all of them farewell and thank them for coming. Nothing strikes a note with people as much as making them feel special. You can follow this up with a personal thank you note to every guest for attending your event.


If you choose to have a host, make sure that they are engaging, entertaining, and funny. Your guests should be able to mingle and enjoy themselves. A boring party is an extension of the host’s personality. If you get a fun host, then their charm is bound to rub off on your guests, making the event joyous and memorable.

Apart from the tips above, you should also consider the timing of your event, which will affect attendance. If planning the event becomes too stressful, consider hiring a professional event planner to help you out.

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