Hedge Life: You Can Foster Wildlife in Your Own Backyard

Little girl playing with the kangarooWho says you have to draw the line at having house pets to show your love for animals? You can also do the same by fostering wildlife in your backyard — the manageable kind, at least, such as birds and hedgehogs.

By allowing certain animals to live in hedges in your backyard, you are contributing to the preservation of local wildlife.

Foster Wildlife in the Backyard

The preservation of green spaces has always been a concern of the Department of Conservation. You can play a part in this initiative by maintaining a hedge on your property.

Apart from adding greenery to the environment, a hedge allows you to increase local biodiversity by providing shelter for certain wildlife animals. Native birds, for example, may nest in it, while hedgehogs can make a home under it. The animals may feed on insects and other pests that could be lurking in your yard, so they can also actually help you control pest infestation.

Look After the Hedge

The hedge trimming service provider Treescape cautions that maintenance is a potentially dangerous task, especially when you are working at height. After all, you will need sharp tools such as hand pruners, hedge clippers and electrical trimmers to get the job done. Using those powerful tools might be tricky while you are on a ladder.

So consider asking professionals to help you look after the hedge. Watch out for the growth of plants and flowers on the edge during summer; you can fine-trim them regularly, but you also need at least one major trim to encourage healthy growth. Furthermore, remember to trim the plants and flowers after the cold and frosty weather as they might not react well to the low temperature.

Keep the hedge well-maintained to continue fostering local wildlife at home. You not only contribute to the government’s effort towards preserving green spaces. But you also improve the privacy and security of your property.

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