Heat Treatment: An Effective Method to Deal with Bed Bugs

Magnified Bed BugsAre you having uninvited guests in your home in the name of bed bugs? Or perhaps you are not aware of what bedbugs? Bed bugs are parasites that feed on the blood of a host and usually hide under the carpet, mattresses, beddings, and in minuscule places you cannot imagine.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs can be annoying, and you should get rid of them to prevent diseases. Bed bug heat extermination is an effective method to get rid of bed bugs. Bed bug heat treatment takes different forms, and the appropriate method depends on a particular situation. Some of the heat treatment methods that work include:


Steam kills bed bugs in all the stages of development; eggs, larvae, and adults. Steam is effective in killing bedbugs hiding in pillows, curtains, and blankets. Steam is less labor intensive than other methods, but it does not reach hidden bed bugs.

Hot Box

This method involves putting items such as clothes, shoes, or blankets in a hot box. The walls of the hot box generate high temperatures and the bedbugs in the clothes cannot survive. The application of heat in a heat box is critical as incorrect use of the heat source can lead to a fire. You may need proper ventilation in the house if you are using a gas source.


This method involves the use of a washer and soapy water to kill the bed bugs because the dryer generates heat. The downside of this method is that not all clothes or items with bedbugs can be out in a dryer. After using this method, you should ensure you keep clean clothes away to prevent contamination afterward.

Home Heat Treatment

Heat treatment involves increasing the temperatures of rooms that are bedbug infested. This heat should be high enough for bedbugs to survive in it. This method is the most effective as it reaches the bedbugs that hide in cracks and inside walls. To increase the effectiveness of heat treatment, professionals can combine this treatment with the use of pesticides.

You do not have to continue living with bed bugs in your home. Contact a pest exterminator for a heat bed bug extermination to put the bedbug infestation to a stop once and for all.

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