Follow These Best Fleet Management Practices

Businessman holding tablet standing over trucks in a row with Container backgroundAre you looking for ways to improve different aspects of your business? Implementing certain practices allow you not only to streamline operations but also to boost overall performance and manage your fleet better.

Centerline Drivers and other experts on truck driver management and similar services cite the following practices that allow you to achieve your business goals.

Create an inventory database.

One of the practices you need to emulate is to create an automated database. This allows you to reduce the number of times you would have to make manual counts and tabulating, which also cuts the risk of human errors. This system also enables you not just to maintain inventory but also monitor which trucks are serviceable. This way, you can easily determine high-cost assets, identify which ones need replacements, and create reports that comply with regulations in your industry.

Monitor replacement cycles of your vehicles.

A truck or vehicle may no longer be working at maximum efficiency, which results in poor performance and higher repair and maintenance costs. This eats into your profits, which you don’t want to happen. In such cases, you will need a system to monitor the useful life of the assets in your fleet.

Monitor the lifecycles of your trucks to determine if it is in your best interest to sell the asset and replace it. Factors you need to consider when making this decision are the asset’s overhead value, the reselling price, the consumption of fuel, depreciation and maintenance. Your drivers will also play a role in determining which part of the vehicle’s lifecycle it already is in.

Have a rotation of drivers.

You will need a steady rotation of truck drivers to cover your entire schedule, especially for seasonal influxes in demand and inventory movement. This is when you may need to lease a driver from a third party. The outsourced drivers can cover for busy periods within the year without having to put them on your payroll.

These are some of the practices you can implement to boost the overall performance of your business. Include these in your strategy to maximize resources and profits.

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