Debunking the So-Called Disadvantages of Homeownership

a houseThere’s plenty of talk discouraging prospective home-owners from deciding to purchase their first property. They are driven to choosing the apartment life because of all the erroneous myths being tossed around. However, read on if you want to know more about debunking those so called “truths”.

It’s More Expensive

Renting may seem much cheaper but that’s only because you’re not looking at the long-term benefits of owning your own house. On a monthly basis, paying rent, electricity, gas, water, and other apartment expenses can rack up to a bigger amount compared to your mortgage and bills when you have your own home. A good way to find out if you’ll save more by living in a home of your own is by researching on rentals and mortgage costs in your area.

You Can’t Afford It Yet

Truth is; there are now a number of affordable options for finding your first home. Thanks to all the land for sale, such as in Donnybrook, there are plenty of options that will perfectly fit your budget, social needs, work habits and your family’s lifestyle. The bonus is that you can build your own house as your funds arrive. Renting an apartment can be stifling and will not give you the freedom that you can get from ownership.

Your Kids Won’t Want It

True, your children can choose to live elsewhere when they have their own families but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from the house you’ve built. When they’re still learning the ropes financially, they can still stay at their childhood home and eventually move out when they’re stable enough. Once they’ve inherited it, they can choose to rent it out or sell it.

A home is special because it’s made with your goals and dreams in mind. While living in a rental is appealing at the start, homeownership can be beneficial to those who plan to grow their finances and families. Don’t get discouraged when picking your new home because there are plenty of options to make your plans come true.

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