Authentic Mexican Dishes You Should Try

Plethora of Mexican dishChances are you have already tried some Mexican dishes at your favorite Mexican restaurant Alexandria, VA or other locations in the U.S. Their burritos may be the best you have ever tasted, and you would not trade it for anything in the world.

However, many popular Mexican dishes found in the country are not traditional Mexican cuisine. Those are variations called Tex-Mex. The food you’ll find in Mexico often doesn’t use sour cream, ground cumin, or even beef. The most common ingredients are corn, pork, chicken, and chipotle peppers.

Whether you’ve tried them or not, here are some of the authentic Mexican dishes you can recommend to your friends and family:


This is a slow cooked stew with meat and hominy. Hominy is dried corn kernels that Mexicans eat boiled. The meat is usually pork, but it’s also available in chicken and vegetarian versions today. Anthropologists believe this stew was part of rituals performed during the time of the Aztecs. People in Mexico still serve it during special occasions, but you can also order it any day. It’s a light but flavorful stew with a lot of spices and herbs. Radish, onion, lettuce, lime, and chili go on top when served.


Chilaquiles is a popular breakfast dish with lightly fried tortilla quarters cooked in salsa. You have a few choices for toppings, including pulled chicken, fried or scrambled eggs, cream, and cheese. It often comes with a side of refried beans or frijoles. If it sounds like a mess of food, you would be right. However, it is a delicious mess of a morning meal.

Chiles en nogada

If you’ve ever wanted a patriotic dish, this is it. According to history, the dish honored Don Agustin de Iturbide, supposedly the one who designed the Mexican flag. He would later become the Emperor of Mexico. The dish represents the green, white, and red colors of the Mexican flag.

The green is the Poblano chilies filled with minced meat mixture called picadillo. It’s a mild green chili that looks like sweet green pepper, but spicy. The white is the nogada, which is a walnut cream sauce. The red is the pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top.

These Mexican dishes may seem a bit out there for you. However, you should ask for them the next time you go to your favorite Mexican restaurant.

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