6 Must-Haves for Your Auto Repair

a man repairing the carRunning an automotive repair shop can be a lucrative business. With a good location and services better than your competitors, you can expect to have a good amount of cars coming in and out of your shop daily. But like any other shops out there, you must have workers that are the best at what they do and equipped with the essential equipment.

Equipment such as vehicle hoist, brake lathe and industrial air compressors are some of the essential components of a shop that are needed by mechanics to fully perform and finish their task on time resulting to a very satisfied customer.

Investing in the right equipment for your shop can be very expensive but in time you will be glad that you had. So, below is the list of equipment that is essential in every shop.

Wheel Balancing Machine

Customers will come to your shop to have their wheels balanced so it’s good to have a wheel balancing machine. Its purpose is to equalise the weight of the combined tyre and wheel assembly, allowing it to spin seamlessly at high speed. This also removes any unnecessary vibration. The machine will centre the wheels and spin them to determine where to distribute the weight.

Vehicle Hoist

This is a type of machine that suspends a car into the air making it easier for mechanics to perform an inspection or repair under that car. Auto repair shops usually own at least one or more of these in them. It saves a huge amount of time and prevents mechanics from straining their backs or any other part of their body that can result in injury.

Brake Lathe

One of the simplest automotive maintenance jobs is repairing the brake system and owning a brake lathe can aid this. Brake lathe resurfaces brake rotors to remove unnecessary vibrations coming from the brake system while braking. There’s nothing quite like the feel of brake pads on the freshly resurfaced rotor. Having this in your shop will result in happier customers who will keep coming back for your service.

With higher-value brake jobs, you can easily get the returns on your investment and your business will be more successful.

Air-Conditioning Machine

Customers usually come to the shop complaining about the A/C not working. With an air conditioning machine, it will help surely help you diagnose the problem quickly and be able to perform the repair in no time. Air conditioning machine is a life saver, especially during the summer months when you have a line of customers waiting for the A/C be repaired.

Industrial Air Compressors

Industrial air compressors are a must have in all repair shops. It is just one of those tools that are so cool to have around. It is so versatile and cost-effective. Powering up your air tools with a compressor can really save time when repairing vehicles. In addition, there are many other air tools that can be used with an air compressor, and countless jobs around the shop that your air compressor will help you accomplish.

Tire Changing Machine

Tire changing machines can reduce the effort needed in changing tires. It is quick and precise to set up. It makes mounting of wheels easy and fasts thereby reducing wheel damage.

Basic Mechanic Tools

Tools can be very expensive, but it is a very smart investment. Different tools are used for different types of repair being done to a car. It is important that you have the right tool for that specific type of job in order for you to fully perform your task and have the customer leaving your shop with satisfaction.

With these essential equipment in your shop, satisfaction from customers and profits will increase in no time.

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